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There are many questions in the aesthetics/hair industry that are not properly or correctly answered all of the time.  What a lot of people don't know, is that aestheticians are NOT required to have a license, certificate or diploma in Canada.  Unfortunately this is the case even though we are sometimes dealing with bodily fluids and skin.  Here at Lorelle Salon and Spa our aestheticians obtain or are in the process of obtaining a DIPLOMA in aesthetics and spa management, certified by Government Colleges.  Education is key!  Here are just some FAQ's asked by many.

Q:  What is the difference between acrylic and gel?

A:  Nothing.  The gel is already mixed, and acrylic is a liquid monomer and a powder polymer.  If acrylic is not properly mixed perfectly, like baking, it will not be the correct outcome.  This is why a lot of people who receive acrylic nail extensions experience lifting on the sides, yellowish nails, and cracks or bubbles.  In addition to acrylic nails, the motto is: If you have to wear a mask you shouldn't be offering the service.  Acrylic powder is typically and usually DENTAL acrylic.  Ensure you know where the products being used on you are coming from.  There ARE good kinds of acrylic powders!!

Q:  Why can't I have a service done if I have a nail infection/fungus?

A:  If you have a nail fungus or infection, we suggest that you speak to your doctor or dermatologist.  Nail fungus and infections are highly contagious and can easily be transferred from person to person through implements or other tools and products used on clients.

Q:   Why do I have to sign a release form/health history form?

A:   We request you fill out these forms specifically to notify us of any medications, health concerns or issues, etc. so we can ensure proper service to you as an individual.  If a client does not disclose certain information to their aesthetician prior to procedures or treatment, it may result in severe problems or outcomes for the client.  For example:  If you are diabetic, a pedicure must be done accordingly.  We carry specific products made for diabetic clients here at Lorelle. 

Q:  How many times a week should I wash my hair?

A:  Typically, no more than twice a week if you use traditional shampoos.  Any shampoo that lathers is made up of harsh chemicals and sulfates.  These strip the hair of the natural luster, moisture, shine and colour.  The less you use the better.  Our stylists recommend professional products that are chemical and sulfate free!

Q:  How many weeks should I go between hair cuts?

A:  Recommended time between hair cuts is every 6 to 8 weeks.